Mingyian FAQ – Content

1. Background

1.1 What is Mingyian?

Mingyian is an online community where people who share the same passions for celebrities, events and brands, can interact and share exclusive content, We create micro-events to connect celebrities, brands and their fans via various interaction and sharing. The platform offers a gateway for fans' voice to be heard and express their admiration towards celebrities and/or brands.

1.2 What is a Micro-event?

Micro-events are created for passionate fans to interact and participate based on various hot topics from different verticals and celebrities. Through taking part of these micro-events, users stand a chance to win rare, unique and special merchants from Mingyians' resources or directly from the celebrities.

On Mingyian, we can create diversified micro-event with 4 different types, they are:

  • Passion Points Crowdsourcing: Users can give their passion points to support a micro-event, once the goal has been reached which means the event is successfully establish, it requires a mass users' participation to make it happen.
  • Vote: Choose your prefer or favorite option, click on it to cast your vote, vote results will be shown after the vote is being casted. Please note that each user can only vote once, and the vote cannot be amended.
  • Survey: Similar to vote, user can take on a questionnaire or a quiz in this type of micro-event, different types of question include multiple choice, checkboxes, text and true/false.
  • User Content Submission: The event that require user to submit their original content to a gallery for others to view and discuss, please follow the direction given at the micro-event page and upload eligible entries to participate.

1.3 What are the rules while using this platform?

We've outlined all rules listed on our User Agreement, please refer carefully. While on the Mingyian website:

  • We're always looking for your honest participation. This website exists so we can learn more important lessons and gather great ideas from top contributors like you. By sharing honestly, you will have an impact on the innovations Mingyian will be making and improving in the future.
  • Please be respectful of others' opinions, even more so if you disagree with the opinion. The more open we keep the dialogue, the more we'll understand what you want and need as a member.
  • Spirited conversations are greatly encouraged, but please keep that spirit focused on the topic at hand. If there's something you'd like to talk about on the website that we haven't covered, please suggest by sending an email to (help@mingyian.com).

2. Login and Usage

2.1 What are the minimum Device and OS and Browsers requirements?

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Firefox 13 and above
  • Safari 5 and above
  • Google Chrome 17 and above

Browser Requirements:

  • Javascript
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Operating System Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7
    • Mac OS 10.x

2.2 How do I change my username?

Sorry, it's not possible to change your username -- only the original user name may be used in each account.

3. My Profile Information

3.1 How do I update my Personal Information?

You may update your bio, photo or other aspects of your profile (except for your username) at any time by clicking "Settings" under your avatar in the top right of the Home Page. This will navigate you to "Profile" where you can adjust your personal account and profile information.

3.2 Who can see my Personal Information on Mingyian?

You can update your privacy setting by clicking “Settings” > “Privacy” to select what information you would like to listed to whom or public or unlisted.

4. Participating in Mingyian

4.1 Can I login and participate on Mingyian via mobile devices?

The mobile app is currently under-development. But yes, the website is fully optimized while accessing by mobile devices.

4.2 How do I get updated content and events from Mingyian?

Email notifications: You will receive weekly emails updating you with new content and opportunities for you to engage with celebrities, brand and other members.

4.3 How to suggest a topic/event to Mingyian?

To suggest a topic or ask a question, please send an email to the moderator at help@mingyian.com

5. Participation of Micro-events

5.1 How to participate a Micro-Event?

You can check in to all Micro-Events that you support, you can also create a micro thread, you can earn passion points through all the actions taken on the website. A micro-thread is a place to express your thoughts, feelings, and additional pictures. You can interact with other users and event participants in the thread. Think of it as the community water cooler. Add a title and some tags to your post and you are ready to go!

5.2 What kind of notification will I get on the platform?

On the top right below your avatar, you can see a sign with a number in it, that is the number of notifications you have received, which include other users' responses or new comments to your submission. You can access your notifications center by clicking on the number to have an overview of all the notifications you have received. You can also mark them as all read from there.

5.3 What are the formats and file size limit when uploading files to a micro-thread?

When posting to a Micro-Event or creating a micro-thread, you will have the option to browse and attach a file from your desktop to your response. Allowable file types up to 3MB images (.jpg, .or .png), Images file will be embedded in your post if you follow the instruction correctly.

5.4 How do I edit/remove for my submission, threads and comments?

Once you have submitted your content, comments, it cannot be edited or removed. Therefore, please be mindful before you hit the submit button.

5.5 How to create a Micro-Event?

Currently only authorized accounts such as Mingyian Officials and selected KOL accounts have the permission to create Micro-Event. However, all registered users can create micro-threads in all the Micro-Events. In the next phrase, Mingyian will consider to expand the features for a wider usage.

5.6 What are Passion Points?

Passion Points can be earned via various actions being taken on the website, such as sign up, log in, create a micro-thread, comment, reply, and all Micro-Event participations. The earned Passion Points can be used at an specific type of Micro-event which is Passion Points Crowdsourcing.By collaborating with other user to meet a certain goal of Passion Points collected, the Micro-Event will then become successful to launch!

6. Help & Support

6.1 Who should I contact if I have any difficulties?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the moderator at help@mingyian.com