We work with celebrities and entertainment brands who are well-known and seeking to gain traction in the market.

We understand the while the largest consumer market in the world presents a lot of opportunities, China can be a difficult market to navigate. Whether it’s the time difference, hardship of doing due diligence on local partners, or the fact that all US social platforms are blocked in China, it’s not easy to tap into your market opportunity there. And every day you ignore the market, you are leaving money on the table.

We believe developing a native digital presence on Chinese platforms is the first step to capturing your China opportunity. Chinese fans do not want more recycled content or a “copy and paste” brand from the West, but they want to develop a strong emotional bond with you through localized and relevant digital content and experiences. They want to know that you understand them.

We’ve created a streamlined solution for building and engaging your Chinese audience and our trusted network of investors, distributors and manufacturers can help you deliver products to them.

Step 1


Join our Multi-Platform Network to develop your presence on all major Chinese platforms. We reach 415M Chinese millennials with viral and localized content promoted by local influencers and platforms partners.

Step 2


Use our unique content and marketing platform Squads and suite of digital tools to interact with your fans and deliver innovative products and rewards through our highly integrated Dashboard.

Step 3


Create unique IP for Greater China with our qualified distributors, manufacturers, and producers. Whether its a new song, clothing line, or show, we help you launch consumer-facing brands in China to a highly engaged audience.

viral marketing

We provide you with original content suggestions, engaging fan campaigns, translation and subtitling for your videos, and intense community management across 12 different online platforms.

unique branding & positioning

We identify the elements of your brand DNA that resonate with your Chinese audience and align them with trends and topics that matter most to them.

smart promotion

We partner you with the biggest digital and media platforms and hottest online influencers so that your content gets the furthest and most segment targeted reach.

data-driven reporting

We help you track the progress of every move you make in China, online and offline, with monthly data-driven reports aggregating real-time fan and target audience analytics.

business development

We will identify and connect you with the right local distributors, manufacturers, retailers, platforms, organizations and investors to build your business in China.

Event & Content Production

We create memorable fan experiences and VIP events and blast it out with live-streaming, press coverage, and local celebrities.